1. You must advertise to reach customers.
    Your market changes constantly. A consumer who would not consider your business a few months ago may now be a prime customer.
  2. You must advertise constantly.
    Businesses must promote to get ex- customers to return and to seek new consumers.
  3. You must advertise to remain with shoppers through the buying process.
    Many people postpone buying. They often go from store to store comparing prices, quality and services. Your name must be fresh in their minds when they decide to buy.
  4. You must advertise because your competition is.
    There are so many consumers ready to buy in the market place at any time. You must advertise to keep or expand your market share or you will lose to the more aggressive completion.
  5. You must advertise because it pays in the long run.
    Surveys show that advertising gives you a long term advantage over competition that cut back or cancel advertising. Radio advertising is far the most aggressive, yet creative method to reach your market.
  6. You must advertise to generate store traffic.
    When more people come into your business, there are more possibilities that you have to make sales. Surveys’ show that for every 100 items that consumers buy they make at least 20 unanticipated/ or unexpected purchases.
  7. You must advertise to make more sales.
    You will find the most aggressive and consistent advertisers are almost invariable the most successful merchants.
  8. You must advertise because there is always business to generate.
    As long as you are in business, you have overheads to meet new people to reach. Advertising generate business now and in the future.
  9. You must advertise to keep a positive image.
    In a competitive market, rumours and bad news spread fast. Advertising corrects misleading gossip and overstated bad news.
  10. You must advertise to maintain positive business morale.
    Positive advertising boast morale.