Station Profile


1. Historic Background

The station is the brainchild of Hlatlolanang Health Nutrition and Education Centre. After some of its staff members visited Cape Town and were enticed by Zibonele Community Radio, they sold the idea to the community. Sekhukhune Community Radio was initiated in 1997 and managed to acquire offices, studio equipment, erected a transmission tower and installed transmission equipment funded by Kaizer Family Foundation (KKF). The station managed to put systems in place and in the process had two special events broadcasts in 2001 and in 2002, which provided the staff and the community with invaluable experience of community sound broadcast.

The station had to endure years of wait and anticipation for the government to call for new applicants for a four year community sound broadcasting license. Finally the call was made after the South African state President, Mr. Thabo Mbeki  identified Sekhukhune District as a nodal point due to none existence of development in the area or the lack there of. A special provision was made for stations falling under nodal points to apply for four year community sound broadcasting licenses, Sekhukhune Community Radio applied and it was issued with a geographic license in 2006.

Department of Communication (DOC) supplied the station with two broadcasting equipment (studios) Production and On – Air Studios around July 2008 through Sound Fusion as service provider.  The station is currently awaiting the official signal distributer (Sentech) to install new transmission equipment, which was also provided for by this Department of Communications. The station finally is permanently on-air from the beginning of November 2009 04th.

An internal analysis of the organization was conducted; by means of a strategic plan session, to assess the internal and external environment of the organization. The exercise was to find out the organizational challenges and successes, challenges that need intervention and successes that we need to build on to ensure a developed community, which is the main business of the organization.
There are several trainings that staff members has undertaken namely; Administrative, Management, Financial, Programming, Marketing, Journalism etc.

2. Nature of the Organization

2.1. Vision and Mission (and purpose of the organization)
The mission of Sekhukhune Community Radio is to operate an effective, sustainable and community owned radio that will champion development within and around its footprint. To strive for visible and measurable community support and ensure that programming content reflects community demographics, needs and priorities.

The vision of the organization is enshrined within its principles, aims and objectives, which are as follows:

  1. SKFM shall have its primary focus on community development, particularly promotion of primary healthcare.
  2. SKFM shall also focus on all social ills such as problems of social education, unemployment, poverty, lack of entertainment, tribalism, racism and abuse of human rights in communities within its broadcasting footprint.
  3. SKFM shall also apply affirmative action policies to redress the historic imbalances.
  4. SKFM shall not broadcast any material that promotes hatred, discrimination against an individual or a group on basis of race, sex, age mental or physical ability or sexual orientation.  Such materials will only be aired within the context of larger issues and only when its use is necessary to the listeners understanding of the issues.
  5. SKFM shall strive to be self reliant to ensure that funders and commercials interest does not overlook its community responsibilities.
  6. SKFM shall air material in a comprehensive, balanced, articulate context, while actively promoting local content and development.
  7. SKFM shall be apolitical in nature and refrain its involvement from any individual or party whom it believe promote hatred, discrimination against an individual or a group or class of individuals on the basis of race, religion, nationality or ethnic origin, hue or colour, sex, age, mental or physical abilities or sexual orientation.
  8. SKFM pledge to practice equal treatment to all people within and outside its broadcasting footprint in terms of participation in programmes; however the programming department reserves the editorial rights.

3. Bank Details

Bank Account Holder:    Sekhukhune Community Radio
Banking Institution:       First National Bank
Bank Account Number:  62116016561
Bank Code:                  24-05-01 
Type of Account:         Cheque Account

4. The Station Language Policy

The station will broadcast content with these three languages:

  • Sepedi – 92%
  • English – 5%
  • IsiNdebele – 3%

4.1. Coverage Radius (Area)
Sekhukhune Community Radio's coverage area is 100 km radius.

4.2. These coverage areas encapsulates among others:

  • Lebowakgomo
  • Steelpoort
  • Burgersfort
  • Groblersdal
  • Marble Hall

4.3. Demographics

Peri Urban and Rural Area:
Sekhukhune District has Peri urban of 5.3% and rural area 94.7% according to the Community Mapping that has been done with IDASA in 2005.

4.4. Age Group:
Over half the population 56% of Sekhukhune is below 19 years of age and 38% form part of the economically active group between 20 and 59 years of age, while 6% are older than 60 and women make  55.2% of the population due regard to the fact that the economy is primarily rural then many economically active people migrate to the cities.

4.5. Education levels of over 20%:
By far the majority of adults in Sekhukhune have no schooling whatsoever, but a significant group does have secondary education.

4.6. Hours of broadcast: 
The station broadcast 24/7.

4.7. Minimum per capital income:
Over 80% of individuals in Sekhukhune earn no income at all (788803) and with the largest group of people earning up to R 800.00 a month (134608).

4.8. Living Standard Measurements (LSM):
The station is targeting all living standard measurements within Sekhukhune District.

5. Programming Format

The radio station has a programming format of 60% talk and 40% music in the daily broadcast.  It shall broadcast South African music content of 40% daily. Sekhukhune Community Radio shall  broadcast a total of 60 minutes of local news, 45 minutes of national news and 30 minutes of  international news per day.